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In general, group health insurance is the first priority for employees and is the second largest expense for employers behind payroll. We’ll help you navigate the healthcare process so you can hire and retain top talent.

Reduce Your Group Health Plan Costs in 2020

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Some employee benefits feel like a nice bonus, but in most cases, employees see healthcare as a core part of the compensation package–arguably as important as the salary itself. Offering group health insurance is an effective way for your business to attract and retain talented employees and increase the likelihood that they’ll be fit to work.

Depending on the plan, your business can cover a portion of the costs for employees only or can choose to offer coverage to the family and dependents of employees as well. The costs associated with group health insurance varies depending on employee age, where your business is located and how many employees you cover.

Many plans offer age-based rates dependent solely on plan design and geographical location. In the past few years, carriers have gotten more creative in their offering and also provide medically underwritten plans where the health of the workforce is factored into the rate offering. These plans can be 30% less than the standard age-based rates and very beneficial for a younger or generally healthy workforce in particular. Some plans even offer to return some of your premiums paid throughout the year if you have had low claims activity.

Group health insurance also comes with tax benefits to the company. The premiums you pay as an employer are fully tax deductible.

Would you like to reduce your health insurance costs?

It’s not usually a question of if we can lower your costs but when you are ready to contact us to help you accomplish that. We implement innovative strategies and walk you through the process to reduce your health plan costs while in many cases offering a better benefit plan to your employees.

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