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Controlling health care costs for employers.

The cost of offering health insurance to employees continues to rise annually and employers have become accustomed to just accepting high single or double digit increases. Our solutions have proven to bend the cost curve allowing employers to control their healthcare costs while actually improving upon their benefit offering.

As an employer, one of your largest expenses is what you pay toward health insurance and other benefits for your employees. With health insurance costs continually increasing for employers, many have increased deductibles or required employees pay more for the cost of health insurance through their deductions.

Is there a better solution?

Absolutely.  Alternative funding strategies are critical if employers wish to control their healthcare costs.  Each year these new strategies are not considered or reviewed is another year you are likely paying far more for health insurance than you should be.

Why haven’t I seen these options previously?

The health insurance marketplace is constantly adapting and employers are looking for answers to reduce their health insurance expenses. Insurance carriers are restructuring their offering and there are new vendors with products available that have been proven to control healthcare expenses if you find an innovative consultant.

Why should I spend the time researching options and contacting your agency?

Results. Our team consistently finds solutions for employers to not only reduce their health care costs but also can find opportunities to offer a richer benefit to employees with a portion of the savings. Hiring employees the past couple years has been a challenge for most employers. If you can position your company as offering a more comprehensive benefit program that will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Contact our agency today if you are tired of feeling out of control with your health insurance costs increasing and would like to see alternative solutions.

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Scott Lorince
Vice President of Benefits, Sales and Service


“My mission is to lower healthcare costs for all small businesses in WV under 200 employees. I want to make employer sponsored health insurance a sustainable benefit moving forward so employees are able to have quality coverage and companies are still able to maintain profitability without the health plan cutting into revenue more and more every year” ∼ Scott

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