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During this time of social distancing, some of us have found a lot of time on our hands and started doing a lot of projects. One project you should include in your plans is doing a review of the insurance program.

Often, the only time people review their insurance is when the policy was originally set up.  Over time, things changes and if your insurance policies do not change with you, you could find yourself a gap in coverage.  Here are some questions you need to ask yourself?

  • Do you have a new driver to add?
  • Is your new student driver carrying a B or better in school? There are discounts for this.
  • Did you pay off a banknote in a car?
  • Are you retired now and no longer drive to and from work?
  • Did you change jobs and are driving a long distance to work?
  • Did you add a deck or maybe a room addition?
  • Did you add a bath?
  • Did you replace your roof?
  • Did you add a security system?

All these items and more can have an impact on your insurance. Speaking with an agent can help you make sure you have the right coverage for you.

We are still here for your insurance needs.  We have agents working both from home and from the office so give us a call.

Candie Davis

Account Executive